Are you thinking about building a new custom home or cottage?
Is it time for a home renovation?
Wondering if the building site you’ve found is suitable?
Is it time to renew or expand your business space?

Hello! We’d love to help!

You have lots of questions and might be finding the whole process somewhat overwhelming. I’ve been answering questions about the architectural design process for clients for over 30 years and I really enjoy getting to know them and designing their dream homes, cottages and businesses. Seeing their joy as their vision comes to life is so fulfilling!
I’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

— Jim

Let’s talk…

To begin, I offer a complimentary phone consultation. I’ll confirm a few details and seek to understand your needs so that I can prepare for our in-person consultation. It’s also an opportunity to give you a very rough idea of the project costs. All you need to do is let us know you would like to chat by filling out the form below. If you’d rather call than filling out a web form, contact my Ottawa (613-831-9688) or Pembroke (613-629-6988) office. You can reach Stephanie at extension 123 and she will schedule a call for you.

What benefits do you receive from a site consultation?

Following the phone consultation, if you feel it’s a good fit, we can then plan a site consultation (fee is credited towards your retainer if you sign a contract with us) to discuss your project in further detail. We will listen to your vision and goals and provide feedback on:

  • the attributes and benefits of your property
  • land zoning and restrictions that apply to your project
  • the relationship between the property and your desired build features
  • questions you have about your project

The initial phone consultation is complimentary and without obligation. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from our experience.

Contact us to schedule a phone consultation

Fill out the form below or call our Ottawa (613-831-9688) or Pembroke (613-629-6988) office. Dial extension 123 to reach Stephanie to discuss your project and schedule a call with Jim.

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