Home Renovation

Stage: Completed

Project description

This extensive condo renovation turned a chopped up, inefficient, 1980s condo layout into an open, modern, efficient and elegant living space. Several walls were removed, another was moved to expand the kitchen, and the bathrooms were completely reconfigured.

The small kitchen was made larger and the den a little smaller. The den is very comfortable and the homeowners feel it is cosy, comfortable and no larger than it needs to be. The extra space is far more useful in the kitchen, now bright, open and highly functional. The long narrow hall was shortened to add a nice entrance and more space to the master bedroom by simply moving the door. The bathrooms were reconfigured in a really creative way to give the couple a large main bathroom and the fabulous ensuite bathroom they wanted without having to move the plumbing.

It was Jim’s creativity and experience, inspired by the homeowners’ vision, that took an inefficient, chopped up layout and created openness, flow and efficient spaces.

When asked how Colleen and Chris feel about their condo, they exclaimed, “We love it! We’re very, very happy here! The vision we had was fulfilled and it has turned out really, really well. It’s very cosy. We feel it is ours. It suits us and expresses who we are.”

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Project Video