Library Renovation

Stage: Completed

Project description

Our design team worked with the Carleton Place Library team to re-envision the dated space. The design objective was to provide a more welcoming, accessible, flexible, friendly, and inclusive building for all who visit the library. The new design provides easy access to the collections, while also providing flexible spaces for programming and staff workspaces. Accessibility and responsible use of energy were both key considerations. We strove to create a balance between both functional and inspirational space by:

  • applying a visual language that guides users through the environment; creating a social interactive space to meet, adaptable to open to a larger meeting space
  • designing spaces that assist those with all disabilities; designing a creative space that encourages learning and community engagement
  • introducing accents of soft furnishings, wall finishes and joinery that are comfortable and functional for all age groups and provide sound absorption
  • flexible furnishings that allow multiple types of uses; creating new spaces that encourage technology and learning such as a laptop bar and computer education zone
  • creating a contemporary education zone that encourages creative play and explores the key role that books can play in children’s lives
  • modernizing the current meeting room and provide appropriate after-hours facilities (such as bathrooms) that can be accessed when the library is closed

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