Custom Commerical Building Design

Stage: Design Development

Project description

Our team is thoroughly enjoying our collaboration with Petawawa Kia to design their new showroom and customer service area. After careful analysis by experts, it was decided to remove the existing building to pave the way for a new building that not only aligns with Kia’s current corporate brand standards but also reflects the dealership’s commitment to excellence in serving the community. The new building will seamlessly connect with the existing service bay areas, which will be renovated to provide drive-through service.

Drawing inspiration from Kia’s branding, our design emphasizes spaciousness, natural light, and a seamless flow throughout the showroom and office areas. The floor-to-ceiling windows will create a bright, airy ambiance, providing an optimal environment for both customers and staff.

Our team worked closely with the dealership to ensure that every aspect of the new facility caters to their specific needs, workflow, and future growth projections. From the showroom layout, sized to accommodate the sales team’s needs over the next decade, to the reconfiguration of service bays for enhanced functionality and accessibility, no detail was overlooked.

The result? A modern, customer-centric space that harmonizes aesthetics with operational efficiency. We’re proud to contribute to the realization of this vision and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the dealership and the surrounding community.

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