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BONE Structure

We are proud partners with BONE Structure®, the strength and beauty of steel, at the heart of your new home.

BONE Structure®, a patented technology, has been changing the face of construction for houses and commercial buildings since 2005. The system’s light steel frame makes it possible to build on-site from the ground up within timelines that traditional methods cannot match.

Quality Over Quantity

BONE Structure benefits are incomparable


Peace of Mind

BONE Structure® homes deliver a commodity that has become all too rare—peace of mind. Our transparent process ensures your project stays on budget and on schedule. All bone structure components are verified and its construction plans are authenticated by a structural engineer's seal to make sure that once built, your home will stand strong in the face of extreme natural events.

Bones of Steel

Our steel structure is made to last. You will be able to enjoy your bone structure home regardless of what lies ahead. Our homes have no interior load bearing walls and thus no limitations in future space reorganization. A BONE Structure home is infinitely adaptable and reconfigurable.

Comfortable, Healthy, Energy-efficient

BONE structure zeros in on high-performance—all around. The BONE structure integrated thermal shell is designed to ensure unparalleled comfort for all seasons and tested to save up to 90% on heating and cooling costs, while striving to use the best available non-toxic materials. Read more about using BONE Structure for net-zero home design below.

Solid and Healthy Structures

Our 11 gauge galvanized steel is made to last. Every project is carefully designed to withstand the local snow loads, sismic loads and heavy winds. Steel is impervious to mold, rot and termite damage. Therefore, protecting your health and your investment.

High-Quality Design Home

22 foot ceilings, 25 foot spans, 20 foot doors and window openings, no interior loadbearing walls, all possibilities. Imagine large spaces to let your creativity flow and connect with the outdoors. The strengths and precision of our patented steel structure system allows for crisp finishes and a sharp look.

Precision Beyond Measure

What you design gets built or should we say assembled—with very few tools, sounds like a Swedish furniture assembly, doesn't it. No cutting, no piercing, no welding on our job sites. It is that simple. Every detail is transmitted, with zero loss, from the computerized drawing board to be assembled finished product. The final building is not a best interpretation of your design. It is your design. True and plumb.