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High-Performance Homes

Every Bell+Associates Architecture home is designed with high-performance home principles in mind. Most of our residential clients are designing their dream home, a home they will enjoy for many years to come. High-performance homes are designed for reduced energy use, comfort, durability, and improved indoor air quality. As energy costs soar, especially in waterfront areas, and the importance of respecting the environment has become more critical, incorporating energy-efficient, high-performance features is now an essential element of the design process.

Many people think they have to give up beauty and functionality to have an energy-efficient home. That is simply not true! The majority of our home designs include numerous high-performance features along with the exceptional curb appeal and the gorgeous, open interior spaces sought by the most discerning homeowners.

High-performance homes include many energy-efficient features:
  • Enhanced thermal insulation envelope (e.g., R32 insulation with ICF and a thermal mass from basement to attic)
  • Highly-efficient Energy Star windows
  • LED lighting throughout the entire home
  • A geothermal heat pump system utilizing the ground, air or body of water as the heating/cooling source
  • A heat-recovery ventilation system that changes the air while preserving 95% of the warmth or cold air within the home, depending on the season
  • In-floor heating systems that provide both exceptional comfort and heat the space using less energy than forced air systems
  • Solar exposure to capture heat gain during the cold winter months (passive solar)
  • Landscaping suggestions and overhangs to mitigate summer heat gain
  • Solar panels and/or solar water heating
What does all of this mean to you?

It means your home will have less impact on the environment and you will live more comfortably with lower energy bills. The air in your home will be healthier and the higher quality of design and construction will mean fewer replacements and repairs. When you are ready to sell someday, a well-designed high-efficiency home is likely to fetch a higher resale value as well.

You can choose what is right for you and your family. From a few high-performance features to LEED, to Net Zero, we can help you achieve the desired level of energy-efficiency for your new home or cottage. Schedule a consultation to find out more.